2024 MD Student Oaths

Twin Cities Student Oath

As we reflect upon our initiation into medicine during a pivotal chapter of racial and social justice amidst a pandemic, we, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Medical School Class of 2024, pledge this oath to ourselves, patients, colleagues, and community: 

I pledge that my patient will always be my foremost consideration. With a compassionate touch and an empathetic ear, I will provide comfort, strive to heal, preserve dignity, and promote wellbeing. I pledge to uphold the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship through honesty, integrity, and humility – holding sacred the stories of my patients and their loved ones, respecting their autonomy, and serving as their advocate. 

I will not be ashamed to say “I know not.” I devote myself to the continual pursuit and implementation of new knowledge in my practice of medicine. I vow to actively care for my well-being such that I may best provide care for others. I pledge to reflect upon my thoughts and actions as a professional to maintain the utmost ethical and professional standards. 

I will challenge my implicit biases and disavow discrimination on the basis of gender, age, race, disease, disability, political affiliation, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, and any other factors. I will recognize the importance of diverse perspectives and interprofessional expertise while approaching conflicting ideals with compassion and respect.   

Our commitment to our patients must extend beyond the exam room; I pledge an honest engagement with the legacy of medicine, by fully understanding it has both brought tremendous social good and inflicted violence on generations of marginalized individuals and communities. 

As a class we pledge to align ourselves within our communities by making our education expansive and inclusive, building alliances, and advocating for the underserved. We will leverage our position of power and privilege as physicians to dismantle oppressive systems and policies, recognizing that harmful structures and social conditions are inseparable from our patients’ health.  

We acknowledge that equitable medicine requires the presence of representation from diverse communities and recognize that there are many people who should be joining us here but are not. We pledge to reduce these barriers of entry for future physicians.  

Recognizing that we, as physicians, have a unique potential to bring change, our final commitment to ourselves, our patients, colleagues, and communities is that we will continuously push the boundaries of medicine and challenge the status quo.  

May we, as a class, remain steadfast in upholding the values we pledge within this oath. It is only through our collective effort that we can make our oath a reality.

Duluth Student Oath

As the Class of 2024 of the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus we proudly stand today before our family, friends, mentors, and colleagues to honor the legacy of the medical profession.

We will hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of care for each individual patient and remember that respect, compassion, and integrity are what make the practice of medicine as much an art as a science. We will treat each person holistically by tending to their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

We will strive to practice without prejudice, recognizing that patients come from diverse backgrounds and hold different beliefs. We promise to uphold the dignity of each patient, respect the confidential nature of our relationship, and work to both prevent and cure disease by empowering patients to make informed decisions.

We will advocate for our patients and collaborate with other health care professionals, remembering at all times that the patients’ needs are our priority as we contribute to their longitudinal care. We recognize that being active listeners and maintaining open lines of communication will best serve the needs of our patients and communities.

We will lead with integrity, respect, care for ourselves and each other, and live a balanced life. We will be resilient and unafraid to recognize our individual limitations, letting the pursuit of knowledge refine our skills in the field of medicine. We promise to ask for help when needed, remain humble, and invite criticism so that we may learn from our mistakes. We commit to being courageous in the face of uncertainty while having the grace to bear the responsibility for our decisions.

It is with a deep sense of privilege, humility, and honor that we accept these white coats as a symbol of our life-long commitment to a career in medicine and service to others.