2025 MD Student Oaths

Twin Cities Student Oath

We, the students of the University of Minnesota Medical School, a state funded institution located on Anishinaabe (Ah-nish-ah-nah-bay) and Dakota land, recognize the privilege that this white coat represents and hereby swear to uphold the following oath as a community of physicians.

As public servants and neighbors, we promise to hold ourselves accountable to the values of our diverse communities. I pledge to facilitate trust within my community. I will empower my patients and amplify their voices. I will strive to set an example for practicing and prioritizing mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Leading with empathy and warmth is crucial for providing holistic, adaptive, and patient-centered care. I will serve each patient with cultural humility while communicating with them in an accessible manner. I will recognize that where I may have limitations, others have strengths. I pledge to utilize my interprofessional team to make informed decisions. As a life-long learner, I will remain curious. I vow to dedicate myself to the advancement of evidence-informed care. I vow to approach the craft of healing my patients as a science and an art. I promise to treat the patient and not just the disease.

I recognize that racism and discrimination have pervasive effects in healthcare today. Traumatic events involving police brutality, COVID-19, and climate change have illuminated the many inequalities that remain. I am cognizant of my privilege and social responsibility. I pledge to recognize and disrupt oppressive systems that allow the continuous social reproduction of disparities in marginalized communities. I pledge to be actively anti-racist. I pledge to be a mentor who fosters future generations that challenge inequitable and systemic biases.

We acknowledge that the empathy, integrity, and dedication required to be a physician are not sustainable without care for oneself. When morally fatigued we will provide space for our mental health and that of our colleagues. We will foster an environment where all feel supported.

We will devote ourselves to interprofessionalism, life-long learning, and service in our communities. We pledge to uphold and reflect upon this oath to be anti-racist, equitable, culturally humble, and empathetic physicians.

Duluth Student Oath

We, the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Class of 2025, stand before our family, friends, mentors, and peers who have supported us along our journey. Today, we acknowledge the immense privilege of becoming members of the medical community.

We will strive to serve without prejudice, recognizing that patients come from diverse backgrounds and hold different beliefs.  We will remain compassionate, empathetic, and respectful of the rights and wishes of our patients while empowering them to make informed decisions. We will work to provide a tailored medical approach that is comprehensive and accepting of all individual identities.

We promise to uphold the dignity of each patient and strive to earn the trust of those we serve through every word and deed. We will prioritize mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health with evidence-based medicine as we aim to prevent and treat disease. We will embrace our roles as advocates for patients by engaging in systemic change to ensure equity in medicine. We will take initiative to create change while remaining diligent in providing unbiased care to patients, with a focus towards underserved rural Minnesotan and Native American communities.

We will lead with devotion and persistence in our pursuit of lifelong growth as physicians. We promise to respect and care for ourselves and each other while living full lives. We will not be afraid to recognize our limitations and will collaborate with our healthcare colleagues to strengthen the quality of care. The knowledge gained through our education is not ours to possess but should be shared to improve the well-being of our communities.

It is with a deep sense of privilege, humility, and honor that we accept these white coats as a symbol of our steadfast commitment to the science and art of medicine in service to others.