Digital Technology Innovation Program


Addressing healthcare challenges with digital solution creation, validation, and dissemination and implementation

We evaluate and advance knowledge around the rapidly growing area of digital heath, broadly defined as the use of technology to improve health and wellness. Digital health technologies include wearable devices, a range of sensors, virtual reality, mobile health apps, patient reported data, smartphone-connected devices (e.g., incentive spirometry, blood glucose monitors), and supporting technology platforms including algorithms providing predictive or prescriptive treatments.  The objectives of these solutions include preventing and managing disease particularly chronic conditions, lowering healthcare costs, and providing highly convenient and personalized care directly to patients.  The Digital Technology Innovation Program (DTI) recognizes that digital health applications are disruptive and rapidly transforming a wide range of today’s practice of medicine and healthcare interactions including clinical research. The study of digital health must also keep an eye towards issues potentially exacerbated with the “digital divide” including access to and adoption of these technologies particularly in rural or under-resourced settings. 

DTI Leadership

  • Scientific Director, Genevieve Melton-Meaux, MD, PhD