What Alumni Are Saying

Dr. Esse

Abdulrazak Esse

I pursued a career in medicine because of my love of science and my desire to help people. Medicine is a lifelong learning process and is also a bit like being a detective. The patient tells you their complaints and through the interview process and labs/imaging/consultants, you arrive at a diagnosis. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you need to do a bit more detective work. I enjoy being able to learn, diagnose and treat patients and help them during their time in the hospital.

Anthony Williams cropped

Anthony Williams

[Medicine] is the perfect blend of dynamic problem solving, empathy, teamwork, and applied science.  My training at the University of Minnesota (medical school & residency) has been fantastic. So much, in fact, that I continue to brave Minnesota winters even though each year for the last nine years I've promised myself it will be my last.


Christopher Warlick

Not sure what drew me to medicine originally.  I have always wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. I chose urology as a specialty, because it is a great blend of surgery and long-term patient relationships.

Cuong Pham

Cuong Pham

My community and family have given me so much and medicine is one way for me to give back.  The moments I have seen people lift their lives up from me just listening or advocating will always be priceless. 


Hope Ukatu

As an American-born Nigerian, I became intimately familiar with the stark differences in resources available here in the states versus in my parents' home country. Those differences are often a matter of life and death, and I grew up in an environment where reminders of this were painfully frequent and close-to-home. News of yet another family member, friend, or neighbor dying unexpectedly of preventable or easily treatable illness remains commonplace. This inspired me from a young age to pursue a career in medicine, where I might contribute to efforts to improve access to quality healthcare both at home and abroad.

liz alm

Liz Medina Alm

Medicine is the vessel that allows me to serve my community through a profession that I am continually intellectually stimulated by and spiritually passionate about.

june lightbourne

Marissa Lightbourne

My goal is to help kids with endocrine disorders transition into adulthood. Why endocrinology? I like medicine that involves physiology. When you understand the pathways about how the body functions you can change the course of the disease. This can be as simple as controlling diabetes can decrease heart disease or as complicated as apolipoprotein particles directing the clearance of lipids.

Michael Kim Cropped

Michael Kim

I am an Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Academic Hospitalist who loves working with both children and adults. Every day I work I look forward to the challenges and joys of working with a wide variety of patients, staff, and learners.

monica youssef

Monica Youssef

It's fairly simple, really. I grew up in a culture where one of 4 different fields was generally favored: Engineering, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Medicine. Back in Egypt, one of these careers allowed one both job security and professional respect. Because my parents are Egyptian immigrants, I was influenced to possibly consider one of these 4 fields from a very young age. I found in primary and secondary school that I had a natural affinity for the biosciences as opposed to mathematics, thus considered one of the 3 health fields as above. The more I progressed in my undergraduate rotation, shadowed, learned about the careers, the more I felt that medicine was more appropriate for me. I see things very holistically and really enjoyed the possibility to incorporate the biosciences, social sciences, psychology and spirituality, and teaching as a means to provide healing. I was attracted to the several avenues and opportunities one can take with Medicine as well. The more I have progressed through medical training, the more I have been persistently validated that this is the right field for me.

nan lin

Nan Lin

Pediatric neurology had the perfect combination of working with the pediatric population and their families as well as the cognitive challenges of neurology. I also had an excellent mentor in this field that was very supportive and represented the type of physician that I wanted to be. 


Sancia Ferguson

I contemplated medicine during my undergraduate years, but landed on public health. I did my MPH in epidemiology prior to starting medical school and I deeply enjoyed public health and its lens. I did an elective in the emergency department at HCMC and I realized how much I enjoyed patient care. Pursuing medicine was the right decision for me, I deeply value the unique relationship between physicians and patients. The public health perspective has been immensely useful in my work in clinical operations and leadership.  Medicine has the unique combination of being highly rewarding and highly humbling. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this work, and for how the work affords me the opportunity to continually refine myself.

Shaquita Bell

Shaquita Bell 

I am thankful for the excellent training that I received at the University of Minnesota Medical School.  It has prepared me to practice primary care pediatrics in a community that looks like and feels like the one I came from.  It is my honor to help address issues of health equity and health disparities in my daily work.


Suzanne Garber

In my specialty, I am involved with the patients at some of their worst times in their life. My patients want answers, but I have found that for them, it is more important to have someone to listen to them and to give them reassurance. In doing this for them, I feel blessed and privileged to be in such a position to try and help.


Titi Adegboyega

I chose medicine because it combined my passion for service with my fascination with anatomy and biology. It's still a great fit and grateful for a profession that continually provides rewards while challenging me with ever changing knowledge.

Vivi Stafford

Vivi Stafford

I feel that my specialty chose me rather than I chose my specialty. I had a desire in medicine to treat patients with the goal of improving community health. I eventually committed to earning an Executive Masters in Health Administration...My goal is to improve the general health of the community through healthcare policies and change.


Viviane Leuche

I was inspired by my own pediatrician while I was growing up, to become a doctor. I loved science growing up, I would read a medical atlas for fun and I love the ability to have learned so much and being able to provide care or reassurance in times of illness, comfort and compassion in times of vulnerability to families. I loved my time at the University of Minnesota, the support I got from the Minority Affairs and Diversity Office, the friends I made who have become life friends, the mentors that have provided career guidance along the way.


Warren Manyara

Internal medicine provides a challenging and fulfilling broad scope of practice. Helping people maintain good health is an important and exciting profession.

whitney wellenstein

Whitney Wellenstein

I have always been curious about the human body and the science behind the way it works. As a people person and aspirational leader, it was an easy decision to enter into this field. My "why" has evolved into paying it forward to young people of color with similar dreams. One of biggest passions is to help improve minority representation within the medical field for the good of our patients, our communities, and our legacy.