What Alumni Are Saying


Warren Manyara

Internal medicine provides a challenging and fulfilling broad scope of practice. Helping people maintain good health is an important and exciting profession.

Dr. Esse

Abdulrazak Esse

I pursued a career in medicine because of my love of science and my desire to help people. Medicine is a lifelong learning process and is also a bit like being a detective. The patient tells you their complaints and through the interview process and labs/imaging/consultants, you arrive at a diagnosis. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you need to do a bit more detective work. I enjoy being able to learn, diagnose and treat patients and help them during their time in the hospital.

Anthony Williams cropped

Anthony Williams

[Medicine] is the perfect blend of dynamic problem solving, empathy, teamwork, and applied science.  My training at the University of Minnesota (medical school & residency) has been fantastic. So much, in fact, that I continue to brave Minnesota winters even though each year for the last nine years I've promised myself it will be my last.

Cuong Pham

Cuong Pham

My community and family have given me so much and medicine is one way for me to give back.  The moments I have seen people lift their lives up from me just listening or advocating will always be priceless. 

Michael Kim Cropped

Michael Kim

I am an Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Academic Hospitalist who loves working with both children and adults. Every day I work I look forward to the challenges and joys of working with a wide variety of patients, staff, and learners.

nan lin

Nan Lin

Pediatric neurology had the perfect combination of working with the pediatric population and their families as well as the cognitive challenges of neurology. I also had an excellent mentor in this field that was very supportive and represented the type of physician that I wanted to be. 

Shaquita Bell

Shaquita Bell 

I am thankful for the excellent training that I received at the University of Minnesota Medical School.  It has prepared me to practice primary care pediatrics in a community that looks like and feels like the one I came from.  It is my honor to help address issues of health equity and health disparities in my daily work.

Vivi Stafford

Vivi Stafford

I feel that my specialty chose me rather than I chose my specialty. I had a desire in medicine to treat patients with the goal of improving community health. I eventually committed to earning an Executive Masters in Health Administration...My goal is to improve the general health of the community through healthcare policies and change.