Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang, Class of 2017, SNMA MS3 Representative

Why did you choose the University of Minnesota Medical School and what did you like about it? 

I liked the students that I met on my interview day. They were kind, genuine, and down-to-earth. I also wanted to be close to my family and friends in Minnesota because I knew having a good support system during medical school was important to me. Additionally, I really valued the various settings that we could train in, such as county hospitals, VA, academic centers, community clinics, and more. The Twin Cities has so much to offer and caters to all interests, whether it is immigrant and refugee health, LGBTQ health, or various specialties. 

What is the relationship between the students and the surrounding community?

There are numerous volunteer opportunities and partnerships with various organizations in the Twin Cities community and beyond. There are several free clinics, mentoring programs, community outreach, and advocacy groups that students can get involved in. The greater relationships you can form with the community, the better!

What is your experience with the faculty advising system?

The faculty advisors here are so wonderful and supportive. It is invaluable to have someone to talk through my dilemmas with. They are all leaders in their various fields, so they are great mentors. Most importantly, they are compassionate people who go above and beyond to support students and connect us to the right resources.

If you had to choose a Medical School again, would you still choose the University of Minnesota Medical School?

Yes, definitely :)

What are some of the challenges and even weaknesses of the University of Minnesota Medical School?

There is still a lot more to be done to increase the diversity in our school in regards to ethnicity, LGBTQ, socioeconomic status, disabilities, and more. However, I do appreciate that our admissions office is continuously working on addressing these gaps in diversity. Additionally, some areas in our curriculum that I would love to see further expanded would include addressing health disparities, health policy, cultural competency, and LGBTQ health. However, a strength in our school is that our curriculum is always being revised according to student feedback, and I have already seen changes implemented during my time here.

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