Interview Day

Qualified candidates will be invited for a virtual interview after a thorough review by our Admissions Committees.

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The Twin Cities Interview Day Experience

The interview experience on the Twin Cities campus is a half-day program conducted via Zoom. Our hope is that you will have an informative experience by spending time with our staff, faculty, students, and community members.

You will be interviewing under the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Program. The MMI is a circuit exercise, where applicants are presented scenarios that will measure non-cognitive characteristics such as communication skills, professionalism, ethical decision making and moral behavior.

Applicants will go through a 6 station circuit exercise (with one 10 minute break). The stations will be 8 minutes in length with 4 minutes in between each station. Prior to beginning the MMI, each applicant will have one 20-minute freeform conversation, which is a condensed version of the traditional one-on-one interview. This evaluated interaction allows you to meet with a member of our medical school community, where you will be asked some open-ended structured questions and you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the medical school community.

Schedule of the Day: 

9:40 AM (CST) - Login to Zoom

9:45 AM (CST) - Welcome & MMI Overview

10:10 AM (CST) - Freeform Conversation

10:30 AM (CST) - MMI Circuit Begins

11:45 AM (CST) - Next Steps and Q&A

12:00 PM (CST) - Conversation with Medical Student Ambassadors

12:30 PM (CST) - Closing Remarks

Please reach out to us if you have questions about interviewing in the virtual environment. We would be glad to support you and discuss alternative options or reasonable accommodations should you identify any barriers to your participation in a virtual Zoom interview. You can contact us at if you have questions and/or to request accommodations. If you prefer to work directly with the Disability Resource Center at the University of Minnesota, please contact Barbara Blacklock at

The Duluth Campus Interview Day Experience

We will host all interviews virtually via the platform Zoom. We interview Monday through Friday depending on interviewer availability. We usually host two to four candidates each day. You’ll have two one-on-one interviews with voting members of our admissions committee. Each interview is scheduled for an hour so you have plenty of time to shine. Before your interviews, you’ll have informal conversations with admissions and financial aid staff. There will also be an opportunity to connect with current students.

Schedule of the Day:

9:30 AM (CST) - Welcome and Overview of the Day

10:00 AM (CST) - First interview

11:00 AM (CST) - Second Interview

12:00 PM (CST) - Virtual Lunch with current students

1:00 PM (CST) - Wrap up

To request accessibility accommodations, please contact the Duluth Office of Admissions at as soon as possible after your interview is scheduled.