Andrew Lyman-Buttler

Why I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School

I started medical school as a second career after teaching high school science for 11 years. I've lived in Minneapolis my whole adult life and I can't imagine life anywhere else. Our city is the perfect size--big enough that you can always find something interesting to do, but not so big as to be overwhelming--and the people are wonderful. If your car gets stuck in a snowstorm, strangers will run out of their houses in pajamas to help you push. This community spirit is very much a part of the Medical School, too. I'm constantly amazed by the incredible support from colleagues, staff, faculty, and administration. They really do care that we succeed.

Medical interests

Family Medicine, Military Medicine

Community Involvement

Interprofessional Student Parent Community; Knowledge Cooperative

Undergraduate institution:

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Home region:

Forest Lake, MN
Andrew Lyman