Daniel Ly

Why I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School

My name is Dan Ly and I'm a fourth year student at UMN Med School. Before starting med school, I spent a few years doing bench research in cardiac development and playing violin in an orchestra on the side. I'm pursuing the field of pediatrics, possibly with a focus in hematology/oncology or intensive care. In my free time, I do long distance running and origami. UMN was the first school I felt gave me the ability to mold my education to be what I wanted it to be. The professors are incredibly knowledgable and also receptive to what we as learners wanted to know to become great clinicians. The school also had amazing opportunities to pursue research, volunteering, and mentorship to help guide my professional growth. Beyond general questions, I'm happy to answer questions about: : First-generation student

Year of Study


Medical interests


Community Involvement

Pediatric Interest Group (Board Member), Science Museum of Minnesota (Volunteer), Ronald McDonald House (Volunteer Coordinator), Student Council (Peer Review Chairperson), Coalition for Advancing Climate Change Education (Member), Liaison for Educational Advancement and Development (Volunteer), MN CovidSitters (Volunteer)

Undergraduate institution:

Gustavus College

Home region:

Bloomington, MN
Daniel ly