Karen (KC) Riley

Why I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School

I am a fourth year medical student, and I spent my first two years of medical school in Duluth followed by RPAP in Marshall, MN. I grew up on a farm in Southwestern Minnesota; I am the oldest of two. I love working out, going for hikes with by dog, Bear, and trying new recipes. I wanted to go to a school that valued the care of Rural, underserved populations and worked to better the health care system. I appreciate being around so many medical students working to improve the health care systems for peers and future patients. The U of M fosters continued academic and professional growth while still caring for students as people. Beyond general questions, I'm happy to answer questions about: RPAP - LIC; Rural rotation; Family Medicine

Year of Study


Medical interests

Nutrition, Complementary and Alt. medicine, MAT, procedures, Women's Health/OB, Rural/underserved Medicine and advocacy.

Community Involvement

"Minnesota Medical Association (1-3 years; secretary and co-chair), Family Medicine Interest Group (year 1 -2; Secretary, President), MHA, Gold Humanism Honor Society, AOA"

Undergraduate institution:

University of Minnesota - TC

Home region:

Worthington, MN
KC Riley