Kylie Blume

Why I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School

As an out-of-stater, especially a Californian, I am often teased for choosing to come out here to the winter wonderland known as University of Minnesota Medical School. I could get into all the obvious benefits of going to the University of Minnesota Medical School, large health system with diverse patient populations, abundant research opportunities, etc, which University of Minnesota has no shortage of, but for me nearly every school offered these things. No matter where you choose to matriculate you are going to become a doctor, how the schools differ is the path to get there. Getting to meet my future classmates at Second Look, with their astonishingly genuine, compassionate, and conscious personalities, really resonated with me and made the University of Minnesota stand out. Medical School is tough and the thought of going through it with them has made the whole experience much less intimidating. All of my experiences since have constantly reaffirmed the decisions to come here and not a day goes by without me being surprised by the depth of their experience and kindness. I had multiple classmates as well as faculty offer a seat at their table for Thanksgiving. I am interested in raising awareness and education about LGBT medicine and numerous classmates have gone out of their way to show support and offer to help support lunch lectures, conferences, and other projects I have been implementing. More recently, I had an emergency surgery, and in addition to the outpouring of support from classmates, I even had members of the administration and faculty come by to wish me well on top of being more than understanding with accommodating my academic needs to stay on top of classes. Our class is a family here, and I am really glad I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Year of Study


Research experience

I have been involved with clinical and retrospective outcomes based research for several years, as well as non-medical research in archaeology and anthropology.
Medical Interests: 
Health Equity, LGBT Medicine, Plastic Surgery, ENT Surgery, Outcomes Research

Community Involvement

Currently I am the Health Professional in Training Board Member on GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing Health Equality where I am working to become involved in LGBT Medical Education and Health Advocacy at a national level. I am also working locally with physicians and patients to sponsor numerous lectures and conferences educating aspiring health providers on the needs of LGBT patients so that they will be informed to provide respectful, competent care for all of their patients.

Undergraduate institution:

University of California, Davis



Home region:

Sacramento, California


Cycling, Drawing, LGBT Advocacy