Liz Babkin

Why I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School

Prior to starting med school, I got my degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Public Health from the UMN: Twin Cities campus, and took two years off to work as a community educator at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Minnesota). I'm incredibly passionate about anything to do with mental health and am constantly fascinated with all the different factors that shape the human experience; so going to medical school seemed like the coolest ways to get to know everything there is to know about the wonder of people! When I'm not doing schoolwork, you can find me voraciously consuming any form of media I can get my hands on, sculpting new pottery pieces, weightlifting, venturing outdoors, or entertaining whatever new hyperfixation comes my way! When I was applying to schools, my number one priority was finding a school that cared about my growth as a person as much as they cared about my development as a future physician. I didn't want to just be a statistic that was only valued for my grades and how well I checked boxes - I wanted a place that viewed me as an individual with hopes and dreams outside of my education that also consistently challenged me to improve in my morals, ethics, critical thinking skills, and ability to relate to my peers and patients. When I had my interview at the U's Medical School, I knew that this was the exact fit I was looking for. They clearly wanted to find students who had just as much personality as they did smarts and I found myself loving the interview process more than any other school I applied to. I also loved how much the U has focused on building community between us from Day 1. I don't have to view my peers as competition and we aren't ever pitted against each other - instead, we're intentionally encouraged to be partners in our education and really uplift one another as much as we uplift ourselves. If I had to re-do it again, I'd still pick our medical school without hesitation. It's just a great place to be! Beyond general questions, I'm happy to answer questions about: Managing mental health in Medical School, LGBTQ+ student experiences, First-generation medical student experiences, and school/life balance.

Year of Study


Medical interests

Psychiatry, Neuroscience, LGBTQ+ Health

Community Involvement

Volunteer for the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, Crisis Text Line, and NAMI Minnesota. Board member in our Psychiatry Interest Group, Women In Medicine, Medical Students for Choice, and PRIDE in Healthcare.

Undergraduate institution:

University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

Home region:

Albuquerque, NM