Matthew Hamilton


Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Sciences and Biological Sciences

Why I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School

I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus for three key reasons. First, I felt that the small class size would be more conducive to my way of learning, and I was right. I was able to make friends with classmates that get me through the long days and grueling pre-exam weekends, and I know everyone in my class. There is something to be said for that! Second, I wanted to explore my interest in rural family medicine. A highlight of the Duluth Campus curriculum is the Rural Medical Scholars Program, in which you spend a total of five weeks over the first two years of medical school with a rural Family Medicine physician. I was able to coordinate with a physician practicing in the town where my family cabin is, so I get to spend a week practicing in a small town of 700 while enjoying some solitude. Third, I was interested in their systems-based curriculum. To me, it felt natural to be integrating histology, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, genetics, etc. into the organ systems, and not the other way around. Instead of having a histology course, we learn about histologic features of each organ system as we cover that system in detail. I have really enjoyed the systems-based approach.

Research experience

The research experience I had prior to medical school was limited in comparison to some of my peers. I participated in the Research Associate program at Hennepin County Medical Center's Emergency Department and was exposed to the inner workings of clinical research. I am continuing to build on that experience during my summer break. I will be working on a study at HCMC's Emergency Department this summer in a more involved role.

Medical interests

Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Infectious Disease, Immunology are areas of particular interest to me at this point.

Community Involvement

One of the great strengths of University of Minnesota Medical School - Duluth Campus is the Hope Clinic. It is a student-run free clinic at which students enrolled in the Rural Academy of Leadership elective may volunteer. That has been a great way to stay involved in the community during school while also improving my history taking, physical exam, and patient communication skills.

Undergraduate institution:

Hamline University

Home region:

Delano, Minnesota


The good things in life: Friends, family, food, food trucks, fine art, plants, forests, camping, boating, going to the cabin, traveling, reading, concerts.
Matthew Hamilton