Duluth MD Program: AAMC VITA Component 2021 Cycle

New Application Requirement for the 2021 Cycle

The University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth Campus is committed to training physicians to serve rural Minnesota and American Indian/Alaska Native communities, as well as emphasizing the training of family physicians.  We are also committed to enhancing the health of our community by training a diverse, inclusive, and culturally-responsive physician workforce whose interests, values, and goals align with our institution. In addition to a solid academic foundation, these students have strong interpersonal and communication skills, and demonstrate resilience, compassion, ethics, and cultural competence. Given the need to conduct interviews safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are using virtual interviews in our process. To further enhance our holistic review process during the 2021 application cycle, we are requiring applicants to complete the Video Interview Tool for Admissions (VITA), administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), to assess five of the core competencies that our admissions committee believes are essential for success at our medical school. The AAMC VITA was designed to complement our live virtual interview process -- and not replace it.

If you are invited to complete the AAMC VITA, you will receive an interview invitation from HireVue, the video interviewing platform. The AAMC VITA is an online one-way interview that you will only have to complete once. It can be completed in a location and at a time most convenient for you during the interview window. Free preparation materials, including an Applicant Preparation Guide are available through the AAMC. A practice test will be available from the AAMC starting in mid-July. You are encouraged to prepare for this in the same way you would prepare for an in-person interview. In light of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are no fees for the AAMC VITA interview for the AMCAS 2021 season.

We know that the process of researching and applying to medical schools can be stressful and time-consuming. The AAMC VITA is an opportunity for applicants to showcase the personal and professional characteristics—beyond academic scores—that will contribute to their success in medical school. 

We encourage you to review all application requirements at med.umn.edu/admissions/how-apply

Information about the AAMC VITA, including preparation materials, frequently asked questions, and details for requests for accommodations, is available at : aamc.org/vita


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