If you are re-applying to the University of Minnesota Medical School, please review some helpful information below.

Current University of Minnesota Reapplication Policy:

  • Three complete AMCAS applications, per applicant, may be submitted to the Admissions Committee.  A complete application consists of the AMCAS application and the U of MN supplemental application, as well as a final Admissions Committee decision.
  • After the third attempt, subsequent applications will not be considered.
  • Each program is considered separate and this policy applies to the Twin Cities MD, Duluth MD, and MD/PhD programs individually.

Future University of Minnesota Medical School Reapplication Policy:

Beginning with Cycle 2020, the University of Minnesota Medical School will discontinue its current reapplication policy. Applicants will be able to apply to any program multiple times, TC MD, Duluth MD, or MSTP; there will be no limit to the number of times you can apply. This new policy also applies to applicants who have already applied to any program three times.

Additional helpful information:

Though you can submit multiple applications beginning in Cycle 2020, after your first application, you may want to consider waiting a year if you feel you need more experiences that help you demonstrate the essential and desired qualities of an ideal medical student.  For some individuals, applying immediately may be the right option especially if you have spent your initial application year preparing for the possibility of having to reapply a second time.  The Admissions Committee will expect to see differences and improvements in subsequent applications. You are also required to submit updated letters of recommendation; however, you may use previous recommenders. 

Please use our applicant self-assessment forms to help better understand your current application and what you may need to do to improve it for the future.  Each program will schedule feedback appointments based on the following timelines.

MD Admissions Campus Self-Assessment Forms  Feedback Appointments Scheduled
Twin Cities Campus MD Admissions Self-Assessment Form October through May*
Duluth Campus MD Admissions Self-Assessment Form April through July

As these appointments are intended to help you create a long-term plan for success, the Twin Cities campus requests that you seek a feedback appointment at least four months before you intend on submitting your next application. We are not able to offer appointments to give feedback on applications older than one application cycle.  

Learn more about the application process


Twin Cities Admissions
Phone: 612-625-7977 
Fax: 612-625-8228

420 Delaware St. SE
Mayo Memorial Building, Rm. B639
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Duluth Admissions
Phone: 218-726-8511 
Fax: 218-726-7057

1035 University Drive, 180 Med
Duluth, MN 55812