BA/MD Joint Admission Scholars Program

BA/MD Students

The BA/MD Joint Admission Scholars (BA/MD JAS) program is designed to recruit premedical scholars from historically underrepresented communities and develop future physicians from broadly diverse backgrounds to serve the diverse population in the state of Minnesota.

The BA/MD JAS enables students to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to thrive during their medical training and careers. Candidates are admitted before graduating high school, and upon admission, students receive close mentoring and support from both CLA and Medical School faculty and staff.

The program follows a cohort model selecting up to ten (10) students each Fall to participate in an early assurance, combined degree program that leads to matriculation into the University of Minnesota Medical School after completion of undergraduate program requirements. Students accepted into the program will declare an undergraduate major in Biology, Society, and Environment, or Human Physiology. They are also expected to meet rigorous standards and achieve certain milestones while maintaining good GPAs and earning competitive MCAT scores.

Interested students should submit an undergraduate application to UMTC before freshman application deadlines. Eligible pre-med students will be invited to apply with Medical School Admissions staff.