BA/MD Joint Admission Scholars Program

BA/MD Students

The Bachelor of Arts/Medical Doctor Joint Admission Scholars (BA/MD JAS) Program provides a unique opportunity for exceptional Minnesota residents from broadly diverse backgrounds to become physicians committed to meeting the healthcare needs of Minnesota's diverse communities. The BA/MD JAS Program was created to embrace and nurture an environment of diversity, inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and respect for the similarities and differences in our community. Students invited to apply are high achieving students who demonstrate an early interest in medicine. The program serves students who contribute to diversity, broadly defined, at the Medical School, including students who are Black or African American, African, Hispanic or Latinx, Hmong, or American Indian. In addition, the program gives special attention to students from rural communities, first-generation college students, and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Admission to this program is highly competitive, with only ten students enrolling in the program each fall as incoming freshmen.

The BA/MD JAS program is an invitation only, early assurance, combined admissions degree program between the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and the Medical School at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Students selected for this program begin their studies in the College of Liberal Arts while receiving guidance and mentoring from the Medical School. Upon successful completion of the requirements in the first three to four years of the program and meeting the admissions requirements of the Medical School, students will matriculate to the University of Minnesota Medical School, to ultimately earn both their Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine degrees.