Success Stories

Cal Ditah, Med School in Michigan

"As an MFD scholar, I received tremendous support and exposure to opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise. MFD helped me prepare for medical school and ultimately a career in medicine.

As a man of African descent, I knew my journey to a top medical school was always going to be different. There were times when I felt solitary, and being at a primarily white institution, this sense of isolation was even magnified. MFD changed that for me.

The richly diverse students in the MFD program helped me learn about different sub cultures and minority groups in the Twin Cities –preparing me to be a better physician. Here at Michigan and even beyond, I want to build on this rich background and the extremely rare opportunity provided to me by MFD to affect the lives of my patients in unique ways."

Thuy and Juan: U of M, Attending U of M Med SchoolThuy and Juan: U of M, Attending U of M Med School

Alex Yue, University of Minnesota Med School

"I am attending the University of Minnesota Medical School - Twin Cities. Minnesota's Future Doctors program helped me to understand what medicine is through shadowing, volunteering, and learning about health disparities. It introduced me mentors from whom I learned about the roles of physicians and medical researchers in medicine."

Dame Idossa, Yale Medical School

"I'm currently in New Haven, CT, about to start my first year at Yale School of Medicine! MFD program definitely guided me through this very long journey to medical school. It helped me build my my premed resume as well as prepare me for the MCAT and AMCAS well in advance. It also provided me with an environment in which I could meet other students with similar goals and interests.

Because of the abundant resources MFD provided, I was more prepared to continue working hard when times were most difficult.

The program led me to Dr. Jo Peterson, one of the greatest mentors of my life.

Without MFD, I can honestly say I would not have made it this far."

Emily O'Neil, U of M - Duluth Med School

"Having had the opportunity to be a participant in the MFD program - a culture which fosters exceptional morale and professionalism – I became the best medical school applicant and now medical student I could be!

By providing outstanding volunteering and educational experiences as well as an environment which promotes self-growth, I owe many, MANY thanks to Jo, the benefactors and to my fellow scholars for supporting me and helping get me where I am today! I couldn't have done it without your support and encouragement and look forward to standing next to many of you in 2014 as we receive or Doctor of Medicine degrees!"

Mary Velasco Anderson, U of M - Twin Cities Med School

I am in my first year of medical school at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Medical School. I graduated from Bethel University in May 2010 with a B.S. in Biochemistry and a minor in Spanish. I am completely humbled and excited to have the opportunity to attend U of M-TC for medical school, and I know that this would not have been possible without my experiences and endless opportunities with Minnesota's Future Doctors.

Minnesota's Future Doctors experiences had and will have a lasting impact on my future career as a world-class physician.

Tony Nguyen, U of M - Twin Cities Med School

After graduating from Minnesota State University Moorhead, I am now currently attending medical school at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. In the coming months, I hope to become more active on campus as well as in the community through volunteering efforts as well as various leadership roles.

Through Minnesota's Future Doctors, I was able to experienced another part of medicine that I could never have imagined. As I shadowed various physicians from all ranges of speciality, volunteered within different types of communities, and interacted with both patients and other professional healthcare providers, I was able to gain a better understanding of what medicine was all about. MFD has provided me with numerous opportunities to experience medicine as well as the training I needed to enter medical school and become successful.

Huy and Caroline: U of M, Attending U of M Med SchoolHuy and Caroline: U of M, Attending U of M Med School

Charles: Macalester, Attending U of M Med School

Charles began his pre-med journey with Minnesota's Future Doctors after his freshman year at Macalester. From there, he applied to and received an excellent internship with the Minnesota Heart Institute. He is a leader in Hmong student relationships on campus. He attends the U of M Med School in Minneapolis.

Ifeanyi: U of M, Attending Wisconsin, Madison Med School

Ifeanyi joined MN Future Docs after her sophomore year of college. She worked with a team to develop her application to med school and attended an MCAT prep program paid for by Minnesota's Future Doctors. She is currently attending medical school in Madison, Wisconsin, where she has a full scholarship.

Krista: Bemidji State University, attending U of M Med School in Duluth

Krista has always known that med school was in her future, and when she got connected with physicians through Minnesota's Future Doctors in Bemidji (with a lot of her own hard work), she knew that she wanted to be a rural doctor. Krista has a spunky personality and is bound to be a wonderful doctor. Congrats Krista! Go Beavers!

Evelyn: Minnesota State Moorhead, attending Ross University Medical School

Evelyn believes in the power of sticking with it! After an excellent undergraduate experience that combined classroom/labs, a lot of research, and a well-rounded set of jobs in health care - Evelyn is ready for medical school. Congratulations and well done to Evelyn.

Jessica: Bethel University, attending St. George's University Medical School

Jessica has been with Minnesota's Future Doctors since we opened our doors. When her sister became ill, Jessica stepped in to be her protector and caregiver, a beloved aunty, and an excellent student at Bethel. With a gift for helping people, Jessica has launched her journey toward medicine. Good work Jessica.

Jonna: U of M Morris Campus, attending U of M Med School in Duluth

Jonna knew that the Duluth campus - med school - was her first and only choice. She opted to become Minnesota's Future Doctors first scholar to get accepted into medical school on an Early Decision option. Wow! Jonna's fantastic family (including her cows) believe in her and so do we. Congratulations Jonna on a job well done.


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