Barbara Elliott, PhD, MDiv

Professor Emerita, Department of Family Medicine and BioBehavioral Health

Barbara Elliott

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PhD, University of Minnesota

MDiv, Episcopal Divinity School


Dr. Barbara Elliott is Professor Emerita in the Department of Family Medicine and BioBehavioral Health and an Affiliate Member of the University’s Center for Bioethics. She taught medical ethics, and actively investigated social justice issues in health care settings, specifically developing and testing programs to improve access to care. More recently, her research focused on spirituality and health at end of life. Professor Elliott has also served as a leader and consultant in hospital ethics programs.

Her work was honored with several awards and recognitions, including a Kellogg National Fellowship, President’s Award from the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians, Stop the Violence Award from the Minnesota Medical Association, Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Research, and the University's Outstanding Community Service Award.

Dr. Elliott is ordained in the Episcopal church and works as a hospital chaplain in the Essentia Health System, as well as serving as Assisting Priest at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.



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