Sarah Beehler, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine and BioBehavioral Health

Sarah Beehler

Contact Info

Office Phone 218-726-7016

Office Address:
241 SMed

Mailing Address:
Department of Biobehavioral Health & Population Sciences
University of Minnesota Medical School – Duluth Campus
1035 University Drive, 241 SMed
Duluth MN 55812

PhD, University of Illinois—Chicago (Psychology), 2011

MA, University of Illinois-Chicago (Psychology), 2008

BA, University of Illinois-Chicago (Psychology), 2004


I am a community psychologist with interests in community-based approaches to promoting mental health. Current work focuses on multilevel community health interventions for veterans in rural areas. I am also an Affiliate Investigator at the Center for Healthcare Organization & Implementation Research (CHOIR) at VA Boston Healthcare System.


Research Summary/Interests

Current studies explore the support systems of returning National Guard members as well as variation across independent, community-based veterans mental health councils. Conceptual work focuses on applying ecological frameworks to advance research on soldier reintegration, interventions for health equity, intervention sustainability, community mental health services and evidence-based psychological interventions. The overarching goal of my research is to identify and intervene with the complex, multilevel social and structural determinants of mental health. Previous work focused on describing and testing the effectiveness of community-based mental health services for immigrants and refugees.


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Academic Interests and Focus

I teach community health assessment and biostatistics in the Social and Behavioral Medicine Courses. I also co-developed the community research project in the Rural Medical Scholars Program.