Jennifer Krznarich

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Biomedical Sciences

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Biomedical Sciences

PhD, Integrated Biosciences, University of Minnesota, In Progress

MS, University of Minnesota

BS, McKendree University


Jennifer Krznarich is a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Her research project is focused on understanding how multiple stress responses regulate a specific glutamate-cystine transporter in the brain and the resulting functional impacts. Jennifer received her B.S. in Biology from McKendree University. After graduation, she worked as a Production Chemist for Sigma Aldrich in St. Louis and later worked as an Academic Advisor for Upward Bound Math and Science. In 2017, she earned her M.S. from the University of Minnesota, studying melatonin’s role within the circadian system of developing zebrafish. Jennifer is also passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM with a focus on equity through an intersectional lens. She has served as Northwoods Women in Science Vice President and President, and is a member of the Genetics Society of America.