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June Westdal, Ph.D., is a first year pediatric neuropsychology fellow in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota Medical School. She received her Ph.D. in School Psychology from Michigan State University in August 2018 following the completion of a predoctoral clinical internship at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Dr. Westdal’s clinical interests include the neuropsychological evaluation of children with medical and neurodevelopmental conditions. More specifically, she is interested in evaluations examining early childhood neurodevelopmental conditions (e.g., prematurity, congenital heart problems), genetic conditions, and acquired neurological dysfunction (e.g., brain injury, exposure to toxicity). Her research interests include the relation between genetic and environmental variables in influencing children’s cognitive and academic outcomes. 



Peer Reviewed Publications 

Balaghi, D. A., Westdal, J., & Rispoli, K. (2017). Social Context During Resettlement and Its Influence on Arab Refugee Youth’s Well-Being. School Psychology Review, 46(4), 145–159.

Westdal, J., Clinton, M., & Snyder, E. (2015). School Psychology in Mexico: Experiences from Students at Michigan State University and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico. NASP Communiqué, (44)3.

Peer-Reviewed Poster Presentations at Professional Meetings

Garder, L., Westdal, J., Campbell, J. M., & Storch, E. (2018). Descriptive analysis of law enforcement officers’ experience with autism. Poster presentation at the Southeastern Psychological Association. Charleston, SC.

Hierl, K., Wexler, D., & Westdal, J. (2017). A review of social-emotional interventions for diverse populations. Poster presentation at the National Association for School Psychologists Convention. San Antonio, TX.

Westdal, J., Fine, J.G., Mahdavi, S., & Constantine, K. (2015). Relation of auditory and visual sustained attention to reading skills in low-skilled readers. Poster presentation at the National Academy of Neuropsychology convention. Austin, TX.

Westdal, J., & Fine J.G. (2015). Auditory attention in children with autism: A Meta-analysis. Poster presentation at American Psychological Association convention.Toronto, Canada.

Constantine, K., Fine, J., Palejwala, M., Mahdavi, S., & Westdal, J. (2014). Mental rotation in children. Poster presentation at the National Academy of Neuropsychology convention. Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Chen, A., & Westdal, J. (2013). Reviewing iPad applications for early readers with an emphasis on phonemic awareness and the alphabetic principle. Mini-skills session at the National Association of School Psychologists convention. Washington, DC.