Christopher Honda, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Department of Neuroscience

Professor Emeritus, Department of Neuroscience


Research Summary/Interests

Peripheral mechanisms of nociception

The skin and deep tissues comprise a vital interface between our bodies and our surroundings. The senses of touch and pain are especially critical in interactions with our environment. Our research interests are centered on functional and structural mechanisms underlying these senses, and there is a particular emphasis in our laboratory on neuronal mechanisms contributing to the sensory experience of pain. 

We use anatomical, immunoistochemical, and electro-physiological techniques to establish relationships between neuronal structure, chemistry and function. We apply these approaches to the study of individual sensory neurons of the peripheral nervous system. Our ain research direction is the functional regulation of peripheral opioid receptors, and how these receptors contribute to peripheral analgesic systems.


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NSCI 8221: Neurobiology of Pain and Analgesia (Fall semester).