Michelle H. Biros, MD, MS, FACEP

Research Director, Department of Emergency Medicine

Michelle H. Biros

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Department of Emergency Medicine
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Dept of Emergency Medicine
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Victor Sanchez

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Research Director, Department of Emergency Medicine

Deputy Institutional Official, University of Minnesota Biomedical Research

Past Editor in Chief, Academic Emergency Medicine

Vulnerable Populations Advisor, University of Minnesota Medical School Institutional Review Board

MD, University of Minnesota Medical School, Emergency Medicine, 1982

University of Cincinnati, Emergency Medicine, 1982-1986 (Chief Resident of Emergency Medicine, 1985-1986)

University of Cincinnati, Emergency Medicine, 1984-1985

MS, University of Minnesota, Biochemistry, 1976

BA, College of St. Catherine, Chemistry, 1974


Dr. Biros is a professor of emergency medicine and vice chair of research for the Department of of Emergency Medicine. She is currently the principal investigator for the University of Minnesota hub of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) funded Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials network and the co-PI of the University of Minnesota regional coordinating center for the NINDS funded Stroke Net.  She holds the Ernest and Bernice Ruiz Professorship in Emergency Medicine.


emergency medicine; emergent neuroscience; biomedical and research ethics

Awards & Recognition

  • Ernest and Bernice Ruiz Professorship in Emergency Medicine (2015)
  • Top Doctor for Women Award from Minnesota Monthly Magazine (2014, 2010)
  • Ernie Ruiz Faculty Teaching Award, Department of Emergency Medicine, HCMC (2013)
  • Nominated for “Distinguished Clinical Teacher" U of M, Class of 1991
  • University of Minnesota Outstanding Mentor Award
  • Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Leadership Award (2009)
  • Elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (2009)
  • Named Journal Section, Biros Section on Ethics, Academic Emergency Medicine (2008)


Research Summary/Interests

The NETT is a nationally funded research network that aims to provide best treatments available for acute neurological emergencies. This includes but is not limited to studies on stroke, TBI, and Seizures. All studies within the NETT deal with acute medical and surgical management of potentially life threatening diseases for which current treatment is understudied or unstudied. 

Among these research efforts are studies in which patients are too critically ill or injured to speak on their own behalf. Dr. Biros is a national expert on Exception from Informed Consent and studies community attitudes on this type of research.

Research Funding Grants

2014-present, NIH/NINDS, ATACH-II University of Minnesota Hub, Antihypertensive Treatment of Cerebral Hemorrhage

2013-present, NIH, VOICES University of Minnesota, Community VOICES (3): Community VOICES on informed consent in emergency situations

2011-present, NIH/NINDS, SHINE University of Minnesota Hub, Stroke Hyperglycemia Insulin Network Effort

2009-present, NIH/NINDS, POINT University of Minnesota Hub, Platelet Oriented Inhibition in New TIA and minor ischemic stroke

2006-present, NIH/NINDS, NETT University of Minnesota Hub, Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials (NETT)


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Silbergleit R, Biros MH, Harney D, Dickert N, Baren J on behalf of the NETT Investigators. Implementation of the Exception From Informed Consent Regulations in a Large Multicenter Emergency Clinical Trials Network: The RAMPART Experience. Academic Emergency Medicine. April 2012; 19 (4): 448-454. PMID: 22506949

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Miner JR, Moore J, Gray RO, Skinner L, Biros MH. Oral versus Intravenous Opioid Dosing for the Initial Treatment of Acute Musculoskeletal Pain in the Emergency Department. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2008; 16 (12): 1234-1240. PMID:18945240

Biros MH. The Ethics of Research in Emergency Medicine; Science and Engineering Ethics; Volume 13, No. 3, 2007; 279-280. PMID: 18210222

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Baren J, Biros MH. Research on Community Consultation: An Annotated Bibliography.Academic Emergency Medicine 2007; 14 (4): 346-52. PMID: 17400998


Teaching Areas

Emergency Medicine; Ethics and Informed Consent; Grief and Death Telling; Head Trauma and Neurological Emergencies


EMMD 7521, Research in Emergency Medicine - Course Director



  • Emergency Medicine

Board Certifications

1988-2017 Emergency Medicine

Clinical Interests

Acute neuroscience, biomedical ethics

Clinical Experience Statement

Dr. Biros practiced emergency medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center from 1986 to 2015.