Diane Madlon-Kay, MD, MS

Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Diane Madlon-Kay

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Office Phone 612-343-7153

Office Address:
Smiley's Family Medicine Clinic
2020 E 28th St
Minneapolis, MN 55407

MD, New York Medical College

Residency, Madigan Army Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

MS, University of Minnesota


Diane Madlon-Kay, MD, MS, trained in an army family medicine residency and served five additional peace-time years. Prior to joining the University of Minnesota Medical Center Family Medicine Residency faculty in 2005, she taught at Regions Hospital. In addition to conducting her research projects, Madlon-Kay is active in several practice-based research networks. Her primary area of clinical and research interest is maternal-child health, particularly newborn jaundice and childhood immunizations.


Maternal child health, practice-based research networks, evidence-based medicine

Professional Associations

American Academy of Family Physicians

North American Primary Care Research Group

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine

Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians

Academic Pediatric Association


Research Summary/Interests

Maternal-Child Health


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  • Family medicine, Women's health, Children's health