Lindsay Welton, MD

Resident, Department of Surgery

Lindsay Welton

Contact Info

MD, University of Colorado School of Medicine


Hometown: Menlo Park, CA
Medical School: University of Colorado School of Medicine
Awards: AOA, Capstone Research Project Presentation Award
Medical Interests: I am interested in the geriatric population and Geriatric Surgery as a developing field, focusing on optimizing surgical care of the elderly, decision making, and outcomes.
Hobbies/Interests: Pottery, gardening, pastels, cooking, cycling, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, yoga, meditation, my dog Bunsen.
Why Minnesota: I rotated at Minnesota as a sub-intern and could not have been more impressed with the surgical skill and competency of the residents, the camaraderie and support among the trainees, the teaching from the faculty, the opportunity for mentorship, and the overall clinical experience. I felt there was no better place that I could complete my training, especially given that I have family and support in the Twin Cities.