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Nasreen Quadri

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Global Medicine Pathway Chief


I feel extremely privileged to be a Global Medicine Chief Resident at the University of Minnesota this academic year! This position affords me great flexibility to explore my passions in global health both locally and abroad. My goals are to focus on teaching, explore my role in health equity and embrace all that travel has to offer. Teaching opportunities will be in the hospital on rounds both locally with a focus on global health and travel medicine cases and abroad with formalized rounding structure and pushing learners to create management plans with less data in a lower resource setting. I'll have an opportunity to highlight global health-related cases during morning reports at all three internal medicine sites here in the Twin Cities. I hope to play a role in health equity by focusing on diversity and inclusion at the medical school with involvement in the admissions committee for the University of Minnesota Medical School. I am exploring my role in advocacy by participation with the Minnesota Doctors for Health Equity and the Campaign Against Racism this year. I'll have the unique opportunity and pleasure of being involved with the University of Minnesota-International Organization for Migration partnership to better connect the pre-departure and post-arrival process for US-bound refugees in conjunction with panel physicians abroad. I participated in the "Train the Trainer" sessions in Amman, Jordan and Kigoma, Tanzania in July with plans to join the session in Jakarta, Indonesia in October. I hope to lead a M&M-style conference for IOM panel physicians regarding challenging travel-related cases of US-bound refugees. I look forward to my time in Tanzania from January-June of 2020, partnering with local physicians in the health system and mentoring residents from the University of Minnesota during their international elective time. Most importantly, I would like to help build community around global health in the Twin Cities, as we are so lucky to have such passionate trainees and physicians committed to a variety of careers in global health throughout the several health systems!