Jenna Triana

Child and Adolescent Fellowship Associate Program Director, Assistant Professor


I completed my MD and undergraduate degrees at the University of Minnesota and my psychiatric residency at the University of Colorado in Denver. I returned to the U of M to complete fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry where I served as the chief fellow in my second year. Clinically, I work on both the general and intensive care inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry units. My clinical work is focused on treating children and families in crisis. During those difficult moments, I find it truly rewarding to help the child and the family to work together, to better understand one another, to help the child come home. I strive to take a whole-person approach to mental health care, not only using medication management, but also emphasizing non-pharmacologic interventions such as individual and family psychotherapy. I am a member of the Restraint & Seclusion Reduction and Milieu Management Committees, which both aim to improve the quality of care and the patient experience on the inpatient units. I am also the Associate Program Director for the Child and Adolescent Fellowship. I have a strong educational background, including work with junior residents and medical students throughout her training as well as the development of several educational projects. I am now engaged in curriculum development for the fellowship and continue to work with learners of all levels of medical training. To further my own development as an educator, I am taking part in the 3 year Master Educator series offered by the Association for Academic Psychiatry.