Scott Vrieze, PhD

Associate Professor,

Scott Vrieze

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-626-7569

Associate Professor

PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Minnesota, 2012

BA, University of Minnesota, 2004


Dr. Vrieze's lab investigates the etiology of addiction in humans in two ways. He partners with hundreds of investigators around the world to conduct large genetic association studies of millions of people to find genetic variants and genes that protect or predispose to addiction. The ultimate goal of this research is to identify specific biological and psychological risk factors for addiction, leading to novel therapeutics. He also partners with investigators at the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research to conduct longitudinal studies of the development of addiction and psychopathology. The goal is to understand the causes and consequences of addiction.

Awards & Recognition

  • McKnight Land Grant Professorship, 2019 - 2021
  • Fuller Scott Award for early career contributions, Behavior Genetics Association, 2018
  • Janet Taylor Spence award for transformative early career contributions, Association for Psychological Science, 2019
  • Association for Psychological Science "Rising Star" designation, 2018