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Johnathan Borland

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Investigate the neural mechanisms underlying the rewarding properties of social interactions.


I was born in San Jose CA, grew up in Hamilton, MA and then lived in Atlanta, GA for 14 years. I earned undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Psychology from Emory University. I then worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for three years and a Chemist for one year. I earned my doctoral degree in Neuroscience at Georgia State University where I studied sex differences in oxytocin modulation of social reward in the mesolimbic dopamine system in Dr. H. Elliott Albers' lab. In Fall of 2019 I moved to Minneapolis, MN to further my studies of social reward in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Meisel at the University of Minnesota. My father grew up in Hawaii and that is where he and my sister currently reside.



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