Jill Siegfried, PhD

Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology

Jill Siegfried

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Office Phone 612-624-2584

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NHH 3-112; CCRB 3-130

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Hannah Salen

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Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology

Frederick and Alice Stark Endowed Chair, Department of Pharmacology

Associate Director, Translational Research, Masonic Cancer Center (MCC)

PhD, Yale University


Research Summary/Interests

Dr. Siegfried investigates the role of growth factors and hormones in the development and growth of lung cancer.

The laboratory focuses on the effects of these cytokines on control of tumor growth, their role in risk for cancer, and their signaling pathways. Growth factors and their receptors currently under investigation include estrogen, progesterone, the epidermal growth factor family of peptides, and hepatocyte growth factor. Dr. Siegfried’s laboratory is interested in the modulation of gene expression by these ligands in malignant lung cells, the relationship between exposure to tobacco smoke and production of hormones and growth factors by cells derived from the human lung, and the role of steroid hormones in influencing tumor growth and growth factor secretion. These pathways are also being investigated as possible chemotherapeutic targets and diagnostic or prognostic indicators for lung cancer. Both cell culture and animal models are used to examine how these hormones and growth factors interact in the development and growth of lung cancer.

These studies are directed toward development of new strategies for lung cancer prevention and treatment through increased knowledge of growth regulatory processes in lung cancer cells.

Modified from Stabile et al. Carcinogenesis, 33(2012)2181-9