Philip Bidwell

Assistant Professor of Medicine


Administrator Info

Name: Esther Almeida

Dr. Bidwell received a Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Cincinnati. His past and present research has focused on mechanisms and regulation of cardiovascular calcium transport, studying the biochemical and biophysical properties of individual proteins to their impact on physiology and pathophysiology. Current projects investigate the role of oxidative modifications of calcium transport proteins across this broad-spectrum of conceptual and technical approaches, supported by an American Heart Association Career Development Award

Research Interests
Oxidative Protein Modifications
Cardiomyocyte Physiology
Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
Heart Failure

Honors and Recognition

Young Investigator Award Finalist, International Society for Heart Research
Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Haghighi, K., Gardner, G., Vafiadaki, E., Kumar, M., Green, L. C., Ma, J., Crocker, J. S., Koch, S., Arvanitis, D. A., Bidwell, P., Rubinstein, J., van de Leur, R., Doevendans, P. A., Akar, F. G., Tranter, M., Wang, H., Sadayappan, S., DeMazumder, D., Sanoudou, D., Hajjar, R. J., Stillitano, F., Kranias, E. G., 2021. Impaired Right Ventricular Calcium Cycling Is an Early Risk Factor in R14del-Phospholamban Arrhythmias. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 11 (6):
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Bidwell, P. A., Haghighi, K., Kranias, E. G., 2018. The antiapoptotic protein HAX-1 mediates half of phospholamban's inhibitory activity on calcium cycling and contractility in the heart. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 293 (1): 359-367.
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