Christopher Stewart, MD

Christopher Stewart

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University of Wisconsin

B.S. in Genetics, Microbiology; University of Wisconsin


My name is Christopher Nicholas Stewart. I studied genetics and microbiology at the University of Wisconsin, where I also attended medical school. My interest in plastic surgery began with the hand. I am fascinated with the complex anatomy and human dependence on this structure. But it really was the breadth of this field that made me pursue plastic surgery as a career. I chose the University of Minnesota because it is awesome. I felt like I belonged from the moment I met the faculty and residents. There is great medical history at this institution and working at the many different hospitals will give me the chance to develop a style of practice that is right for me. Plus the Twin Cities has something to offer for everyone. I even saw a rodeo here once. What I want you to know about me is that I grew up in Lewistown, Montana, played in the University of Wisconsin Drumline, and have neither a gall bladder, nor appendix. I prefer simple things in life and enjoy dark roast coffee and well worn in cowboy boots.