Joseph Sushil Rao, MBBS

Genetic Engineering Lab, Schulze Diabetes Institute

Joseph Sushil Rao

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Genetic Engineering Lab, Schulze Diabetes Institute


Dr. Joseph Sushil Rao joined SDI in July 2019. He graduated from Medical School in 2017 from St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India. He was part of an exchange program with the University of Minnesota where he rotated as a medical student in the Division of Solid Organ Transplantation under Dr. Raja Kandaswamy in 2016. Dr. Rao pursued a research fellowship on CoCl2 sensitizing RAW macrophages in Hepatocytes to endotoxin (LPS) induced cell death in the Department of Gastroenterology University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands under the mentorship of Prof. A.J. Moshage in early 2016. Since his graduation, Dr. Rao has been associated with patient care and research in the Department of Surgical Oncology alongside his work in Tuberculosis with funding from the Welcome Trust/ DBT India Alliance Grant 2016 in the Department of Public Health at St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences. With a passion towards transplantation, he is currently part of the Abdominal Organ Transplantation team with Dr. Kandaswamy and as a researcher in tolerance studies with SDI as well as islet isolation in Dr. Erik Finger’s lab.



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(*Corresponding Author)