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Nora is a research associate who joined SDI in summer 2018 for training and carrying out the practical part of her PhD. Nora graduated from faculty of medicine, Suez Canal University, Egypt in 2009. She then earned her master degree in Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Since then, Nora has served in Egypt as an assistant lecturer at the Suez Canal University. Her main interest is in management of chronic diseases, especially type 1 diabetes. Nora’s research in SDI is under the supervision of Professor Christopher Burlak and is focused on employing genetic engineering tools, particularly CRISPR/ Cas system, to porcine cells in order to generate genetically modified cells that can be used for the generation of donor pigs that have little or no immunogenicity after transplant. This project will elucidate the role of certain genes in modulating the recipient’s immune attack against the transplanted pig islets.



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