Tom Gilmore, BS

Cellular Manufacturing Core, Schulze Diabetes Institute

Tom Gilmore

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Cellular Manufacturing Core, Schulze Diabetes Institute


I started working for Dr. David Sutherland back in 1993 performing survival surgical animal studies which included islet isolations and transplants. Back then we were performing an occasional autologous human islet transplant after total pancreatectomy and islet isolation in patients with chronic pancreatitis as well as an occasional human islet allograph from cadaveric pancreata.

Dr. Bernhard Hering joined Dr. Sutherland in 1996 to become the Scientific Director of the Islet Isolation and Transplant group which founded the Diabetes Institute at the University of Minnesota. I assisted Dr. Hering with creating a successful protocol for isolating porcine islets for research and transplant. Dr. Hering’s focus was to create a porcine islet isolation and transplant protocol that would be feasible for transplant into diabetic human patients in the future. This model would supply an abundance of islets that could meet the needs of numerous diabetic patients.

I also assisted with moving the human islet lab over to the Minnesota Molecular and Cellular Therapy lab which is a cGMP facility located on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota. We also set up a successful human islet isolation and transplant protocol that is still basically being used today for both human autografts and allografts. I still continue to assist with leading the current islet isolation team with isolating porcine and human islets for research and clinical use.