Pre-doctoral Training in Primary Care

The major goals of this project are to develop Family Medicine teaching cases within and in support of the new curriculum, develop and implement stronger and more Family Medicine friendly learning communities incorporating rural Family Medicine preceptors/mentors, augment and improve the development of medical student physical examination and patient care skills through eCurriculum enhancements, continue and enhance FMIG and medical student research opportunities in Family Medicine.

Health Careers Opportunity Program

The goal is to increase interest and to recruit disadvantaged, primarily Native American students to pursue careers in behavioral health.

With HRSA HCOP supplemental funding in 2013-2014, through expansion your existing HCOP activities, as partners, we collaborated in fulfilling the project goal of addressing interprofessional models of healthcare that include behavioral health. We collaborated with CAIMH in developing and implementing a revised curriculum that included a behavioral health component for the HCOP undergraduate structured six-week and two-week high school summer programs. We also provided guidance on addressing the needs of students wishing to pursue careers in behavioral health. Finally, we collaborated on development and carrying out project evaluation that included the behavioral health program components and participants.

Funder HRSA
PI Larry Wittmers, MD, PhD
Key personnel: Sarah Beehler, PhD, Melissa Lewis, PhD

Minnesota Veterans Coming Home Study

Project Description

The purpose of this study is to explore the reintegration experiences of Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom/ Operation New Dawn veterans and their spouses living in rural and urban Minnesota.

Project Status

We had a great time at the Driven to Discover building this year at the Minnesota State Fair. We met some wonderful people and surveyed 91 veterans and spouses. Currently, we are in the middle of analyzing our data, and we look forward to viewing our final results of the study in weeks to stay tuned!

Contact us for More Information:

Sarah Beehler, PhD