Community Assessment of Military Transitions

NEW! Community Assessment of Military Transitions

New Study! Starting June 2020

Our study, Community Assessment of Military Transitions, will be examining service member and military family experiences during the post-deployment transition. The purpose of this study is to improve community support of military transitions in the Duluth area. This study is being conducted by Dr. Sarah Beehler at the University of Minnesota, Medical School, Duluth campus.


You may be a participant if you are

  • actively serving in the military or a veteran separated from the military within the last two years.
  • an immediate family member of someone actively serving in the military or recently separated from the military.
  • a stakeholder supporting service members and military families (e.g. social service provider, physician, clergy).

*We understand that COVID-19 has impacted our community in many ways, including our ability to have group discussions in person! With that in mind, we plan on conducting our study in a virtual setting, in order to be flexible in scheduling and mindful of our participants’ health and safety.

  • We will be conducting small virtual focus groups (via Zoom video conferencing) to talk about the needs and resources for military service members and their families in our area.
  • We’ll be keeping the sessions fairly short (under two hours) and will be offering flexible scheduling for participants to make it as convenient as possible to be a part of our study.
  • Participants will be paid $50 (in VISA gift cards) for their time.


If you have questions about the study or are interested in participating, you may contact the project manager, Barb McNeil (see contact information below). For more information on this study’s leader, Dr. Sarah Beehler, please visit her staff page at the University of Minnesota here

Principal Investigator, Sarah Beehler, PhD
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Project Coordinator, Barb McNeil
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