On July 31, Cardio Palooza broke records and brought in more than 200 scholars from throughout the University, including 84 poster presenters and 36 faculty judges.

Featuring Keynote Speaker: Brian Kobilka, M.D.

P-MIG members work together to share resources and collect data about programs that teach physiology and the students that take physiology courses.

“Global neurosurgery is a hot topic everywhere, especially after the 2014 Lancet report that cited the insufficiencies of surgical procedures throughout the world, particularly in middle and low-income countries,” said Walter Jean, MD, professor of Neurosurgery and director of Skull Base Surgery at George Washington University, Washington, DC. “There is a drive in the developed world to fill that void…neurosurgery has taken this up with gusto.”

Maia Szalavitz is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction, which is widely recognized as an important advance in thinking about the nature of addiction and how to cope with it, personally and politically.

Neurosurgeons, neurosurgery residents and fellows throughout Minnesota are invited to attend the annual meeting of the Minnesota Neurosurgical Society, Saturday, April 27, at the historic St. Paul Hotel in downtown St. Paul, MN. The meeting’s esteemed speaker is Ann Stroink, MD, who will discuss her role as Chair of the Joint Washington Committee for Neurological Surgery.

February 28 marked national Rare Disease Day and this year the University of Minnesota decided to team up with affected families of rare diseases. 

With technology and medical understanding ever growing, so are questions and concerns regarding research ethics and governing rules. To address these growing questions, Dean Tolar and other Medical School faculty will be discussing a wide range of topics at this year's annual research ethics conference.

Global Health Day provides an opportunity for those engaged in global health to come together, exchange knowledge across disciplines, and make connections.


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