The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) has recently launched a new exhibition, Women Physicians in World War I. This feature highlights the various contributions of women physicians during this important period in U.S. History. Dr. Nellie O. Barsness-- one of Minnesota's first women physicians, and a University of Minnesota Medical School graduate, is featured. She received her degree from the Medical School in 1902, and went on to intern at Luther Hospital in St. Paul.

The University of Minnesota is recognizing Dr. Adams 80-year history, awarding him the highest alumni honor, the Board of Regents Outstanding Achievement Award.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are working to find a cure for cancer. Minnesota Discovery, Research and Innovation Economy program, known as MnDRIVE, could get $8 million over the next two years if Dayton's proposal passes.

Drs. Linda and John Van Etta, who met at the University of Minnesota Medical School both retired recently from St. Luke's hospital in Duluth.