The James Boulger, PhD, Endowed Scholarship has allowed Lillian Meierhoff, U of M Medical School class of 2023, to focus on becoming a compassionate doctor without stressing about money.

Jim Boulger, PhD, is one of the longest tenured, influential and endeared faculty members of the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus.

This research found the lack of inclusivity and awareness within clinic environments in rural Minnesota as a barrier to primary care access for LGBTQ patients.

With nearly 50 years of graduating medical degree physicians, the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus has a long and proud history in the northern reaches of the state.

The U of M Medical School study affirms that reduced access to obstetrical care in rural areas presents a significant burden to pregnant people and infants. 

The 2021 MN Rural Health Lifetime Achievement Award has been given to Associate Professor, Raymond Christensen, MD, by the Minnesota Department of Health's Office of Rural Health and Primary Care.

Please join us on Tuesday, November 30 for this month’s seminar, focusing on the results from the GBD (Global Burden of Disease) study on cardiovascular diseases. Presented by Dr. Katie Benziger, Medical Director, Heart and Vascular Research and Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School. 

Dr. Tenaya Siva ’20 treats patients near the California-Mexico border and brings his Native American strength of community and connection into his practice.

Join us for our Whiteside Memorial Lecture with Keynote Speaker, Dr. Michael Osterholm as we address COVID-19 research, implications and the evolving reality.