Our Community Our Health is a CDC-funded project dedicated to building vaccine confidence through community engagement and conversation.

While the life experiences that Dr. Petr Ruzicak ’76 faced could have deterred him from succeeding, he chose instead to passionately pursue and reach his life goals and dreams.

AHC Bio Profile View Video of Ask a U of M Expert: Understanding Dry January (Part 2) Part of “Ask a U of M Expert” video talks, Dr. Specker answered questions about Dry January. Video credit to the University of Minnesota.

The Department of Surgery recently helped launch the Center for Quality Outcomes, Discovery and Evaluation (C-QODE) alongside other proceduralist departments across the Medical School. With a focus of providing convenient pathways for democratizing data, the center is improving data accessibility for clinical providers and researchers.

Jim Boulger, PhD, is one of the longest tenured, influential and endeared faculty members of the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus.

With winter in full swing, some individuals may be experiencing the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  University of Minnesota Medical School expert Sabine Schmid discusses what SAD is and provides tips on how to navigate it. 

U of M Medical School research hopes to lay groundwork for ‘precision medicine’.

The research aims to identify how the compound may increase mental flexibility and neuroplasticity

Part of “Ask a U of M Expert” video talks, Leuche answered questions about how to check if a gift is safe and what to do if it is not.