A deeper look into meeting the challenges of indigenous dementia in Native American and rural communities.

The organization works to advance the science-based understanding of the causes, consequences, prevention and treatment of obesity in order to improve the lives of those affected.

This year, the University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Physicians and Fairview Health Services took their collaboration to new heights after announcing a five-year partnership that aims to provide a world-renowned healthcare system.

All too often we see organizations as hierarchical pyramids—a few important people at the top and a lot of people scrunched down at the bottom and bearing all the weight. I think it is more useful to think of ourselves as a connectome.

The great thing about milestones (such as our 130th), is that it gives us a place from which to look both backward and forward. In December we will be publishing a booklet celebrating the accomplishments and innovations of our past.

I am grateful for you all. For your work. For your willingness to drive progress. For your courtesy to others. I am grateful you are here.

Dr. Hays is currently the Associate Dean for Research in the College of Biological Sciences (CBS).

We have developed a joint clinical enterprise with Fairview and M Physicians and, through this partnership, we are emphasizing academic leadership with new service line leaders.

The Department of Medicine will be hosting a guest speaker, Molly Carnes, MD, for a lecture titled “Why Jack is More Likely to Become Department Chair than Jill?”

Dr. Emily Onello is honored as a 2018 Community Star for her contributions and positive impact on rural lives.