Dr. Anna Wirta Kosobuski, EdD, is a grant recipient of "Innovators of the Future: Community Based Science Program," from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota. 

Funky flavored jelly beans, tuning forks and observing a real human brain are just a few of the activities you can experience during the “Brain Awareness Campaign” visits that take place each year.

University of Minnesota Medical School students, staff, and faculty gathered together in the Phillips-Wangensteen Building to kick off a year of celebrations as the Medical School marks 130 years of training Minnesota's physicians.

In recognition of the 130-year anniversary of the University of Minnesota Medical School’s founding by the University Regents, April 26 has been declared University of Minnesota Medical School Day.

The University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic are partnering in order to bring experimental medications, treatment protocols, and prevention programs to rural parts of the state. 

We have received our legacy from those who went before, and we are preparing our legacy for those who come after. It gives us perspective, foundation and purpose.

Presented by the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus & the Center of American Indian and Minority Health with Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, please join us for an exhibition and conversation on Native American resiliency, health, and perspectives in the Great Lakes region.

Medical devices have long been considered second to opioids in treating pain. But with the nation in the midst of an opioid epidemic medical devices are getting a second look.

Community can be seen as the opposite of self-interest, and as a land-grant university, we have a specific responsibility to bring care, compassion and practical medical care to the community around us: the people of Minnesota. 

30 years ago Robby Grendahl was the youngest patient to successfully undergo a heart transplant. Now he's back at the Univeristy of Minnesota sharing his story and thanking physicinas for making it possible.