The surgery performed at the University of Minnesota Medical Center was the first in the state to utilize this minimally invasive procedure.

Our Medical School mission is to combine our scientific and clinical strengths to deliver the best in innovative, accountable, compassionate care to our patients and to impact the field of medicine for all.

As medical professionals, we hold the responsibility and reap the rewards of direct patient care. I could never give up practicing because it is part of my identity and my purpose. It is also a great privilege. 

Regional Duluth Campus Dean, Dr. Paula Termuhlen and Dr. Ruth Westra of the Department of Family Medicine and Biobehavioral Health, authors this article on precision medicine in rural Minnesota, and what it looks like today. 

The National Library of Medicine made a historic visit to the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus to address access to patient healthcare resources for rural and Native American communities.

Doctors on Call answers viewer questions about everything from Diagnosis, Treatment and Potential Complications of Diabetes

Burnout is not unique to the field of patient care, but because medicine is both a high-intensity field and an extremely personal one, its impact extends beyond physicians to the patients they care for, the faculty and staff they interact with, and the students they teach.

Dean Jakub Tolar addresses recent discourse that has brought sexual misconduct in the workplace to the forefront

Doctors on Call answers viewer questions about everything from Alzheimers Disease and chronic migraines, to the treatment of strokes and other neurologic problems.

The data are clear: Burnout is experienced by 1 in 3 physicians at any given time.