Office of the Dean

The University of Minnesota Medical School invites applicants to join our team as Regional Campus Dean to lead and oversee the Duluth Campus, where healthcare for rural, underserved, and Native American communities is at the heart of our mission.

Congratulations and best wishes to all of our graduating students!

As the Medical School community, we must come together to be a place of safety and support. We must stand together, grieve together, and care for each other. Understand that we cannot know how someone is feeling and how they are doing unless we ask. Be compassionate and stay connected.

We need to come together around initiatives like the Cancer Consortium, rural and Native American care, and improving our community relationships throughout the state.

Drs. Vinogradov and Redish note that part of the collaborative success of the NeuroPRSMH* Center is the shared belief the group has that they can do more together than the individual members can alone and, in this way, one person’s success then becomes everyone’s success.

This year we are ranked 28th, with our funding increasing by $25,754,798 this year, to $226,088,969.

Our researchers have overcome unbelievable obstacles to pivot or continue their work. The speed of launching clinical trials, the out-of-the-box thinking, and the disintegration of silos are all things we will continue to build on.

Dr. King wrote eloquently about the long and painful history behind those and other symbols. He also inspired this country to reject their use and the racism they represent.

Continue to take care of each other. Beginning to have the vaccine available is wonderful, but there are difficult days still ahead.

Please know that whether or not I am able, I want to thank and recognize each and every one of you. I would not—none of us would—have chosen this pandemic to shape this year, but if I have to go through this, I cannot imagine any group of people I would rather face it with than you.