Office of the Dean

Dr. Beilman plays a critical role in hospital operations as Senior Vice President, Acute Operations and Executive Medical Director for our M Health Fairview partnership.

Our Medical School thrives because you give your expertise, your efforts, your compassion, your help, and your genius.

These steps will increase awareness of who is in our facilities and decrease the amount of public spaces in order to reduce the possibility of threats to the safety of our campus community.

Mirroring the diversity of our state and creating an inclusive environment where individuals feel respected and valued is at the heart of our vision of excellence for this Medical School and this University.

The winter 2020 AIAC awards will advance each of our three missions to energize and catalyze new areas of health research, promote innovation in medical education, and improve clinical care.

An exhibit on Leonardo da Vinci and the Natural and Ideal Beauty of the Body, will be on display here on campus in the Wangensteen Historical Library in Diehl Hall from Oct. 21-25.

Throughout its research, education, and clinical practice, FMCH is committed to ensuring that our communities receive the care and services they want and need.

Dr. Miner currently serves as the Chief of Emergency Medicine at HCMC where he has worked since 1996. He also serves as the Research Director of the Department of Emergency medicine.

Millions of voices raised around the planet, world leaders gathered at the United Nations, and a recently passed resolution by the students in our Medical School are all focused on one thing: the crisis of global warming.

This is a direct and significant outcome of our new partnership with Fairview Health Services and will serve as a key part of our strategy for the Medical School as well as growth in M Health Fairview.