Office of the Dean

We are all experiencing a true tragedy in light of recent events in Minneapolis that have spread to other parts of the Twin Cities today. What I've heard from a number of you is a shared sense of outrage, frustration, and deep sadness at a death that should not have happened.

The growth of online and virtual resources has been off the charts, technology has wildly accelerated to meet urgent needs, and a new sense of momentum has spread across the University, our communities, and our state as we unite behind the common goal of saving lives.

Beyond our labs, in our clinics or hospitals, I know there also are many working tireless hours from dining room tables and desks ill-equipped for the volume of work taking place now.

People have been willing to change their behaviors in order to survive a virus. Perhaps now, too, is the time to change in order to ensure our survival as a planet. We have the chance to build on this unique momentum.

Know that we see you, we recognize what you are doing for us—for all of us—and that we are deeply grateful.

Right now, our best way forward is to prepare. We prepare for best-case scenarios and for worst-case scenarios and for everything in between.

Being a physician is one of the most rewarding, challenging, noble professions you could have chosen. Remember today that regardless if you receive the match you want, don’t receive the one you want, or don’t match at all, you have a valuable role to play in our world going forward.

In-person instruction, including field experiences and clinicals, across our five campuses is being suspended and is moving to online or alternative instruction until at least April 1.

Over the past several years, the Medical School has focused on improving some very basic aspects of gender equity at the faculty level.

Dr. Klatt joins the Medical School from the University of Miami, where she was most recently an associate professor and vice-chair of research in the department of pediatrics, held the Adrienne Arsht Endowed Chair in Pediatric Clinical Research and was a member of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.