Office of the Dean

Throughout its research, education, and clinical practice, FMCH is committed to ensuring that our communities receive the care and services they want and need.

Dr. Miner currently serves as the Chief of Emergency Medicine at HCMC where he has worked since 1996. He also serves as the Research Director of the Department of Emergency medicine.

Millions of voices raised around the planet, world leaders gathered at the United Nations, and a recently passed resolution by the students in our Medical School are all focused on one thing: the crisis of global warming.

This is a direct and significant outcome of our new partnership with Fairview Health Services and will serve as a key part of our strategy for the Medical School as well as growth in M Health Fairview.

The inauguration of a new University president is a significant event, and the celebrations surrounding President Gabel’s inaugural week give us a chance to get to know her and to let her know us.

Srijoy will serve as Assistant Dean for Clinical Innovation at the University of Minnesota Medical School where he will pursue and strengthen University partnerships and planning efforts in support of its research and clinical missions.

Scientists know that diversity is essential to good science. The greater the sample and the broader the universe of ideas, the better the research. Our capacity to learn more, faster is enriched through diversity.

AI gives us the ability in principle to generate a digital twin of the patient to predict their health trajectory. It supports clinicians in the tasks of knowing the latest medical science and individual patient’s health.

Welcome all and best wishes for a fantastic year!

We are mission control, trying to make the right decisions, provide the right support, and ensure that everything goes well for our patients and ourselves. We are the support crew ensuring that the equipment works correctly and is in the right spot at the right time.