Office of the Dean

We find that, with the success of medical research and clinical progress, we are faced with a juggernaut of our own making, one that touches every field of medicine, and the one medical condition we all share—aging.

Dean Jakub Tolar announces several leadership updates throughout the Medical School.

I know that most of you give to the max every day—in your work, in your personal lives, and to those around you—so I hesitate to ask for more. But I have two things I would like you to consider.

Nurses provide care and comfort that is critical to the patient experience.

Exactly 55 years ago this morning, a young boy from Alexandria was wheeled into an operating room here. This one surgery had far-reaching impact.

As we remember his legacy, his vision and his lifetime of achievement, I hope we can find inspiration in following his example.

The Medical School, Duluth Campus had the pleasure of hosting Dean, Dr. Jakub Tolar during the last week of September.

Today, the University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Physicians and Fairview Health Services announced approval of an agreement to create a nationally-renowned academic health system.

Last weekend, new medical students were welcomed to campus with an opportunity to share the start of their experience here with family and other important people in their lives.

Since 1988, the Medical Scientist Training Program has trained 132 medical professionals.