Patient Care

Medical students, along with other University of Minnesota health professionals, traveled to Puerto Rico last month to continue to provide aid for the still-rebuilding island.

Dr. Kristina Krohn argues the case for guilt-free breastfeeding in an era of “Breast is Best” vs “Fed is Best."

Last year, it was Saaid Nur's name that was added to the national transplant waiting list when his kidneys were failing. As someone who works closely with transplant patients, Saaid knew first hand just how long that wait could be.

The outstanding rating improves upon the center's previous rating of excellent and represents its highest rating to date.

Cynthia Torgerson can attest to the growth and innovation the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Lung Transplant Program has seen throughout the past two decades, because she’s lived it.

A new study, conducted at the University of Minnesota Medical School, may help put the brakes on the ever-growing opioid epidemic.

University of Minnesota Medical School researchers illustrate risks of miscommunication during patient transfers between hospitals and show how data sharing may improve outcomes.

University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital is the largest treatment center in the United States for patients with the rare genetic disease Fanconi anemia (FA).

New clinical trials are using cutting-edge laser technology and bioengineered viruses to kill cancer cells.

Catarina Gómez's experience has also given her a new outlook on life, and on her 10-year plan.