Patient Care

“Here at the University of Minnesota, hydrocephalus is the most common condition we treat in pediatric neurosurgery,” explained Daniel Guillaume, M.D., M.S., associate professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Minnesota Medical School, “and as such we are constantly searching for better treatments.”

The Minneapolis law firm Stinson Leonard Street LLP specializes in commercial litigation: partnership venture disputes, class action law suits, breaches of contract.

This building is crucial to the success and safety of students, the healthcare industry, and most importantly, our patients.  

The recently released Netflix show 13 Reasons Why vividly depicts a 17 year-old girl’s rationale for ending her own life.

Smiley's Clinic in south Minneapolis is a shining example of health care dedicated to community needs.

Currently, 24 million Americans struggle with addiction, one of the most common culprits being prescription painkillers. Unfortunately, 80 to 90% of those who overcome this disease face the reality of relapse within the first year of recovery.