Patient Care

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, which launched “Health Care Heroes” last year, recognized five U of M Medical School and M Physicians leaders.

Dr. Paul Stadem was a first-year resident when he met Harold Palm, a patient with a serious undiagnosed lung disorder.

Dr. Kari Roberts specializes in complex care of newborns and is investigating a less invasive method to administer lung medicine for premature babies.

University of Minnesota Medical School and the College of Design collaborated to create a product for teaching children about congenital heart disease (CHD) with efforts to ease parental stress and educate in a creative way.

Majority of healthcare workers were accepting of COVID-19 vaccines, according to Medical School research. 

Today, Friday, March 18 is Match Day! The day when the National Resident Matching Program releases results to applicants seeking residency and fellowship training positions in the United States.

This year, the 2022 Mpls.St.Paul Magazine “Rising Stars” list recognized 197 talented University of Minnesota Medical School faculty physicians from 18 departments.

Researchers found that a common blood pressure medication — losartan — is not effective in reducing lung injury in patients with COVID-19.

Medical School researchers found that, during the extenuating circumstances of an emerging pandemic, grouping patients together in one area or facility was successful in providing high-quality care and containing infectious patients.